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SEVAN SV Ltd. is a Burgas company, founded in Varna in 2011, whose field of activitycovers several areas::

High quality antifreeze and wiper fluids.

SEVAN SV Ltd. is one of the leading Bulgarian companies for the production of auto fluids, which has its own high-tech laboratory, which performs incoming control of raw materials, ongoing control of production and final control of finished products. The company has certificates for implemented integrated quality management system - ISO 9001: 2015, environment - ISO 14001: 2015, issued by SGS.

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Our concept is build on the innovative approach and the development of new, more efficient products for mass consumption as well as improvement of the material base and working conditions. It also relies on the introduction of high-performance machines and new technologies, increasing the qualifications of the team and building honesty and trust in partners and customers.

Thanks to the good management, the high quality and the competitive prices of the products
the company successfully enters the Bulgarian market.

Our mission: for sustainable growth of your business we offer

  • Specially developed, personalized technical solutions
  • Expert experience
  • Consultation for product applications
  • Wide portfolio of automotive liquids and specialized chemicals and coatings
  • Competitive trading conditions
  • Local support and regional accessibility
  • Modern systems for control and environmental protection

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