Antifreeze Sevan -60°C


SEVAN® Antifreeze Concentrate -60°C can be used after diluting with distilled or soft water according to the table below. 

Contains: ethane-1,2-diol

1LArt. № 91045Art. code SVN АФ -60*С/1 L
Barcode: 3800231491045
5LArt. № 91052
Art. code SVN АФ -60*С/5 L
Barcode: 3800231491052


SEVAN® Antifreeze Concentrate -60°C can be used all year long for protection against freezing, overheating and corrosion of car engines. It is suitable for modern engines and for engines with aluminum cooling system.

SEVAN® ANTIFREEZE -60°С, (vol. %) 50 60
Distilled or soft water, (vol.%) 50 40
Frost / Freeze Protection Temperature, °С -20°С -27°С

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1L 720 12 Download Download
5L 144 4 Download Download