Winter windscreen cleaner -20°C - ethanol

Ready to use

3LArt. № 91557Art. code SVN ЗТ -20*С/3 L ЕТАНОЛ
Barcode: 3800231491557
Art. № 91311
Art. code SVN ЗТ -20*С/5 L ЕТАНОЛ
Barcode: 3800231491311

SEVAN® Ethanol Winter Windscreen Cleaner -20°C is ready to use winter windscreen cleaner, that guarantees excellent visibility up to -20°С based on ETHYL ALCOHOL and additives. It quickly removes oil, soot, salt and other dirt typical for the winter conditions. It does not damage paint, rubber seals and plastic parts. It is suitable for polycarbonate and flat fan spray nozzles.

SEVAN® Ethanol Winter Windscreen Cleaner -20°C has the maximum cleaning power for impeccable visibility in the winter with the help of nanotechnology. Provides crystal clearness in seconds. Extremely economical.

To achieve maximum cleaning power, avoid mixing the winter windscreen cleaner with summer fluid or other products.

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